About Us


Long Term Solutions- OTI understands the importance of floor solutions that work both now and well into the future. We pride ourselves in partnering with premier material suppliers in the industry. By using the best products in the industry, you can be assured that you are getting a high-quality product with many years of superior performance.

OTI also takes into account the after-application maintenance of our floor applications – OTI area sales managers are able to recommend the right flooring application for you. The application that solves the problems of today while avoiding the possible problems and expenses of tomorrow.

Certified & Master Contractor Status- OTI professionals are trained by manufacturers on the correct application techniques. This advanced knowledge ensures the best results for our customers.

Globally Recognized Vendors - OTI uses seamless flooring systems from a variety of globally-recognized manufactures. Therefore, we can provide & recommend the best flooring solution to meet each of our customer’s specific needs.     

Superior Preparation- OTI completes every job from start to finish, including the immense preparation work before the flooring application. Preparation work is the vital first step to flooring applications – proper preparation leads to a superior finished floor.

Equipment Investment- OTI has invested heavily in prep equipment including; shot/bead blasters, generators, diamond grinders, scarifiers, dust control floor vacs, etc., to ensure the right equipment is not only used but is available for every job.

Location- OTI is located in Aurora, CO. OTI has owned-equipment and a fleet of vehicles that transport the equipment and materials directly to your job site.